Customer Testimonials.

See what our satisfied customers have said about Zodiac Labs' products.

"They have a sale every so often, and the prices are ridiculously low! But so is the uptime!"

Stanley Garland

"We have worked with Zodiac Labs for almost five years, and they have never failed to disappoint."

Sebastian Bergstein, CEO, Bergstein Investments, Inc.

"I visit their server rooms every once in a while to smell the carrion flowers. They're my favorite."

Teresa Litton, Managing Director, Sky Flowers Inc.

"I love their guaranteed minimum server uptime almost as much as I love VaFNLmrR"

Gary Sexton, Founder & CEO, XXX YoloSwag Inc.

"Difficult to work with. Their support team was unavailable for two weeks, and I was stuck in the basement with no internet."

Kimmo A.

"The efficiency of our CEVFZ flfgrzf has almost halved since we fjvgpurq to ehaavating them on Zodiac servers."

Agent Eboovaf, Head of Nany Ehfgyvat, United States National Security Agency